OB shenanigans at 34 weeks

Remember how I was considering changing OBs a few weeks ago? I so should have! At Friday’s appt. they told me that my insurance was contracted through the doctor that left (several months ago) and the remaining doctor is now out of network. They tell me this 5 WEEKS BEFORE MY SCHEDULED C-SECTION! So we were left scrambling trying to figure out what the hell to do. A surgery and several nights hospital stay could break us if we did this out of network. Oh, and I saw that they haven’t billed anything since 6/15, meaning that all of my appointments since then are going to be paid at 70%, not 90% as I thought. How is this even legal? How can they not inform patients of this news? Had I known, I would have switched OBs immediately to someone in network.

I called the office this morning and they told me to find out if the hospital is considered in network. They don’t know this information? I called DW in tears and she took over. I am just so angry. My parents just bought their plane tickets based on a 12/21 delivery date. Who the hell knows what it will be now.

DW also spoke with our current OB’s office and the asshole there wasn’t even apologetic, even when DW told her how upset we both are. I can’t even believe the incompetence. DW also told her that we are not paying at 70% as they never informed us of this change. Office woman claimed Dr. would “probably” make an adjustment so we’d pay at 90%. Dr. is getting an angry letter – one of many, I’d assume.

So then DW called our pediatrician, who we loved, and he gave her a rec for an OB who is affiliated with our hospital and set up an appt. with her for Wednesday morning. I called my insurance co. to ensure that new OB is in network and they tell me, no, she is not. OB’s office insists they are. Sorry, not taking any chances after what I just got out of. So I had to call my high-risk OB for references and now have an appt. with yet another OB on Thursday morning. I am so stressed out. This is so ridiculous. Worst. Monday. Ever.

I just can’t believe our “luck.” It seems like this kind of shit happens all the time with us. Here’s hoping the new OB is good.


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4 responses to “OB shenanigans at 34 weeks

  1. >I am sorry to hear that you are getting the run around with America's health care/insurance system. That is so frustrating. Pregnant women should not be messed with especially this late in the game. We are a mighty force to be reckoned with.

  2. >What complete crap to have to deal with at this stage in the game. I hope it's all sorted soon and you can just relax.

  3. >This is just so shocking to read. Total BS. I can't believe they didn't tell you as soon as the other doctor left?????? I'm so sorry this is happening so late in your pregnancy!!

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