OB visit

Thanks for all of the nice comments on the shower photos. It turned out way nicer than we expected on all fronts. We went in a little stressed and wanting to get it over with, but ended up having a really great time.

We had our follow-up appointment with the high-risk OB on Wednesday. Baby had moved out of the frank breech position, but had his back to my stomach so was still a little difficult to scan. They were able to finally get a decent look at his heart and also at his cute face! Check him out at 33 weeks:


OB was in a much better mood this time around. They checked my blood sugar and it was fine and he said I looked good for where I am in the pregnancy. That was our last appointment with him and I was a little sad about it. I liked him a lot and he is a lot more thorough than my regular OB. Oh well, only a little over 5 weeks left until the little guy is out in the world. Hard to imagine.

He has also been moving around a lot more. Yay! I can see him moving from the outside, which is pretty crazy but fun, too. I’m having a lot of pain where my belly meets my breasts. It feels like the skin is going to bust open – ow! Other than that, I’m doing pretty well.

Next up: Regular OB appointment today at 2:45.


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8 responses to “OB visit

  1. >What a sweet face he has! Isn't it crazy that we can now see what babies look like before they are born?

  2. >Wow for the high risk OB to decide you don't have to return there seems like a really good sign! And that is one fanstastic u/s picture. It is such a clear and "real" looking picture of baby Shane. And 5 weeks? REally? The time has flown by: of course I am not the one have a bbs meet belly pain issue so the time may seem faster for me than for you. 🙂

  3. >Yay for adorable baby Shane! Such a cutie! That's a good idea about the second and third names! Hope you don't get too uncomfortable – that sounds ouchy!

  4. >He's very cute!I like my High Risk OB better than my regular OB too. I like the extra attention. You must be doing very well to no longer need to see him. I keep hoping I hear that as well!The baby movement at this point is so strange, isn't it? I have felt some really weird things in the last few days!!! It's awesome.

  5. >What a beautiful name and beautiful u/s pic! You are so close, your darling boy will be here in no time!!Can I get the password for the shower pic post? ;I'm way behind…)

  6. Jen

    >Yeah on multiple accounts! He is a cutie. I currently feel like I have a rib spreader in, so I can completely relate to the pain. 5 weeks- holy cow!

  7. >Wonderful pics from the shower!!! LOVE the name. Shane is very cute on scan, imagine how handsome he will look in your arms!

  8. >I love the name and the 3D pics are great, aren't they? Only 5 more weeks now. Wow. I hope you keep on doing well and they fly by. It's got to be getting uncomfortable, but before you know it, he will be here.

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