busy mama

Last weekend was the last hurrah in terms of going out prior to giving birth. We saw Echo and the Bunnymen with DW’s cousins and their wives on Saturday night, and we saw Tegan and Sara (LOVE) on Sunday and Monday nights. We had fun, but I was asleep last night by 7:30 I was so worn out. The young-uns at T&S were hysterical staring at my belly. They just couldn’t believe a preggo lady was there! We didn’t plan on having all these shows in a row. We agreed to go to Echo a few months ago and then the T&S tix came around. We love them and they have a new record out so we had to go. Fortunately the venues were seated as that’s a necessity for me at this point. We are missing the Pixies Doolittle reunion tour because they are playing a standing-only venue. I can’t tell you how disappointed we both are as we really wanted to go.

We are big music fans and see lots of shows and actually were in a band together for about 5 years when we first met (I sang and she played bass). So music is a pretty huge part of our lives. It was cool feeling the baby kicking during certain moments. Hopefully it wasn’t too loud for the little guy. I know musicians who’ve toured pregnant and their babies were fine so I’m sure it’s okay.

In other news, a co-worker of mine dropped that his daughter has H1N1. I freaked out a bit (internally) but a call to my OB put my mind at ease. She said you can only get it through direct contact with someone with symptoms, so it’s fine.

Next up: OB visit Friday 10/30 and high-risk OB visit (including 3D ultrasound!) Monday 11/2.



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4 responses to “busy mama

  1. >the concerts sound fun! i hear you on the seating requirement though. we went to see the indigo girls recently and discovered it was standing-only. luckily i was able to get a folding chair from the venue, i wouldnt have made it through the opening act otherwise! im jealous you're doing another 3D, i wish we had done that! cant wait to see pics!

  2. KM

    >That's so awesome 🙂 My wife is SOOOOO jealous! She adores Tegan and Sara… We have been to 3 of their shows now and she owns everything they have ever done :). Glad everything else is going well and you've got your ped lined up 🙂 I found maximum strength rolaids when taken with gas x helped me during the 3rd tri with the heart burn and acid reflux.

  3. >Busy and very hip mamas! Great taste in music! Live it up while you can:)

  4. >I remember your advice for me at 20 weeks regarding concerts! I was so nervous back then (about everything).Sounds like you're having a lot of fun!!How did the 3d Scan go? Can't wait to see pictures!!

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