We got a recommendation for a pediatrician close to home from a close friend. She doesn’t live near us, so we were surprised to find out that her ped is here. We had an appointment with him on Friday and he was great! Not only did we really like him right off the bat, but he also gave us both the H1N1 shot. Yay! Now we are both all vaccinated up, and we have a great doctor awaiting our baby boy. I told DW, “Just think; the next time we see him, the baby will be here!” Wild.

The third tri continues to kick my butt. I have heartburn pretty much constantly (the Tums are only mildly helpful at this point) and am just plain uncomfortable all the time. I can’t even imagine how much bigger my belly is going to get, because it feels so gigantic and crazy now (at 30 weeks). My boss told me I could work from home 3 days a week, which is a total life-saver. I can sleep in a bit since I’m not sleeping well, take a nap when I need one, and just generally make myself more comfortable than I possibly could in the office. I’ll be in the office on Tues/Thurs and home Mon/Wed/Fri. Aaaaah. I know I’m really lucky to be able to make such an arrangement. I’ve been with this company for almost 10 years, so they know I’m good for it.
The baby’s dresser arrived yesterday. Now to assemble and figure out where it’s going to go.


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8 responses to “pediatrician

  1. >Hi there, it's good news you've found a good pediatrician you're happy with. And great news about work. I can imagine it will make a huge difference working from home. You're really lucky.

  2. >Great news! You poor thing: you sound so uncomfortable! Can you take something stronger than tums?Score on the h1n1 shot!

  3. next in line

    >I agree about the third trimester being butt kicking. Each Monday I stare at the M on the vitamen dispenser and have a little tear that I have so many work days ahead.working from home sounds great.

  4. >totally jealous you can work from home, that's going to be wonderful! the 3rd trimester is definitely a butt-kicker! 😉 pics of the dresser after assembly?

  5. >Wow. You're so lucky to have 3 days/ week at home. I'm working from home on Tuesday only. I may ask for another day if things get too difficult. Right now it's kind of sucky. I honestly didn't think I could get into work this morning but I did. I also didn't think I could get on the expressway without throwing up but I did. LOL 3rd trimester is soooo much fun!!Great news that you found a Pediatrician! We forgot we needed one and were just reminded last week. OOPS.

  6. >Oh, and have you tried Maalox yet? I've gotten it to work by taking it and then sitting up for at least 20 minutes before going back to bed. The heartburn is BRUTAL.

  7. >Your doc will prescribe Nexium and it is safe. TOTAL LIFESAVER!!!!!!

  8. Jen

    >I hear you on the heartburn and the 3rd trimester sucking. It is kicking my butt. I am so tired! Unforunately, working at a museum means I can't work from home so I am stuck here counting down the hours until I can go home!

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