>OB update

>It was chaos as usual at the doctor’s office yesterday and things didn’t go well. The woman who was working the front desk was rude and just tried to get me out of there quickly without answering any of my questions. We left fuming mad. But when I got home, another woman in the office called to reschedule my next appointment to be with the OB. She was much more sympathetic and friendly than her rude co-worker. Also when we were leaving the office yesterday, a patient stopped us and said how much she loves Dr. O and that I’m in excellent hands. She had her baby a few weeks ago. So, we decided to just stay on and deal with the chaos. I’m going to insist on seeing Dr. O from here on out, and at my next appointment I’m going to discuss some of my concerns with her.

Not perfect by any means, but as long as I’m under a doctor’s care, I think I’m good. The thought of finding someone else at this point was just really stressing me out. Here’s hoping things improve from here on out. Now to find a pediatrician… I’m starting to understand why people start their maternity leave early!


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5 responses to “>OB update

  1. >I'm glad it's going to work out in the end. I know I just switched practices and it is a hassle mid-way through and you're much further along. It sounds like you are in good hands as log as you insist on seeing that OB.The pediatrician…ah the list never ends, does it?!

  2. >It's always extra stressful to have to deal with significant changes so late in the pregnancy.It's good that you've found someone that you like….it will work out, I promise!

  3. >This is reply to both the below post and this one..I feel your pain!! I really do. I have also considered switching. I had my 30 week appointment today as well and my OB redeemed himself – a bit. For us, we're having a major regrets about not using a midwife. At our prenatal we were the ONLY couple with an OBGyn and since he has been rushing us/treating us like a number it felt like EVERYONE else was getting better care. In reality it's hard to say that either of us could find anything better. And the Chaos of the offices, although it reflects negatively on the OB from our point of view, does not mean we are not receiving the care we need. At least thats what I keep telling myself!

  4. >yeah, having a few weeks off before the birth would be SOOO nice! hope your next appointment goes smoother and your confidence is fully restored.

  5. >good luck continuing to be assertive. It's so disappointing that you have to fight for attention with all the other mamas to be and with the docs crazy practice and wacko receptionists. I really hope things go smoothly. Keep your eyes on the prize and try to make everyone else do the same!

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