>First the good news. I passed the 3 hour glucose test. No GD for me! Yay!

Now the not so good. I’m considering changing OBs – at 30 weeks pregnant. My office had 2 OBs that they rotated patients between. Both were to be present at my C-section. A few weeks back, one of the OBs retired suddenly (something health related, supposedly). Ever since, it has been total chaos at the office and I haven’t seen the other OB at all for any of my visits. They have me with the nurse practitioner (NP). I feel rushed and like they aren’t paying that much attention. Example, I had to remind them of the Rhogam shot. At my last appointment (on Friday), they told me I’d be scheduled with the NP until I hit 36 weeks. I haven’t seen the OB in weeks as it is. I figured out that in the time I’ve been there (since 13 weeks), I saw the OB that retired once, the other OB twice, and all of my other appointments have been with the the NP. Does that seem right to you, cause it doesn’t to me. I mean, I passed my OB in the hall on Friday as I was leaving the office and I didn’t even recognize her at first. I feel like a total number to them.

I’m also wondering what happens if another person goes into labor when my C-section is scheduled now that they are down to one doctor. And will she be at her best with all this stress going on? DW and I are going over there to talk with the office manager this morning and figure out what the hell we should do. A part of me doesn’t really want to switch as I like the OB that’s still there, we’ve already scheduled the C-section, what if I move and don’t like the new person, etc., etc. But it’s really nerve-wracking to feel like they aren’t really paying attention either. I hope I can get some answers that satisfy me today. DW stayed home from work today so she can go with me and figure this out.



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  1. Jen

    >Unforunately, it sounds like a bad scenerio all around and could be lose-lose. If you stay because you like your doc, you may not get the care and attention you need. If you leave, you may not like the practice and the care you receive. This situation sucks and I am so sorry you have to go through it this late in the game. Could you inquire with your current doctor and ask these questions? Best of luck and I am sure you two will decide what is best for both of you.

  2. >first off, congrats on passing the 3 hour test – thats a huge relief, im sure! i would be concerned/worried about my choice in OB practice too, given the recent things you've described. i hope you can get some answers this afternoon that are reassuring and, if not, are able to find another practice you are comfortable with. there is more than enough to worry about re: childbirth without the extra stress of OB issues.

  3. >I am fairly active in a few online natural birth communities and as such, end up talking to a lot of women who are unhappy with their current care. Obviously, your situation is different, but I think both issues get at – do I feel respected by my doctor/practice?I would imagine that if there is only one OB, and someone else needs a C-section quickly, that yes, you would be bumped. Unless they have some sort of arrangement with another doctor. Which they may.I have talked to many women who switched towards the end of pregnancy. I think it can be really hard but if you don't feel at peace, than maybe you should pursue it. This is just another day at work for any doctor/midwife/nurse, but for you, you will remember this day forever and they need to be sensitive to that. Perhaps you can figure out exactly what you feel is missing from your current situation and ask around if anyone in your area/insurance group knows someone who might be a better fit? Of course, you want someone competent, but you also want to feel like you matter and that they know your name.Good luck today at the OB office.

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