>sucktastic day

>My crappy day, let me show you it:

  • As I was leaving the house for my glucose test (7:30AM), the power went out.
  • It rained like crazy all day (usually I love this as we don’t get it often, but not today).
  • I felt light-headed and nauseous throughout the test.
  • When I got home at 12:30, the power was still out.
  • I had to miss 2 afternoon work meetings due to no Internet access. I hate that because I want to be able to work from home more now that I’m in the 3rd trimester. Hopefully they won’t hold it against me.
  • Power company was out front all afternoon and finally left, saying they needed a part and we were looking at probably 5 more hours of no power.
  • I’m at the local library using the Internet and charging my phone. It is hot and full of kids, making me nervous about the old H1N1.

Calgon, take me away!!!!!



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2 responses to “>sucktastic day

  1. >When I saw the title I thought that the suckitude might relate to the sugar test. I think you helped me invent an expression. I like to call food "chew" – because it describes what we do with it – it came from a freudian slip I made once. Now I can call drinks "suck" – cos that's what you do with drinks. I was imagining you "sucking" down that glucose liquid. Yes I know that I am totally weird. I know how weird this is – I really do, but I love to make up silly expressions!I hope you get that Calgon feeling soon! I gave you an award. It's on my most recent blog post.take care:)

  2. >sounds like a miserable day! hope today improves.

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