>glucose and a birth date

>I called my OB to see how I did on the glucose test. They said my glucose level was “slightly elevated” so I’m on my way to the 3 hour test (Wed. AM). Damn. I sure hope I don’t have GD! Argh!

While I was on the phone, I asked if the doctor had set a C-section date (last time I was there I asked if they could find out) and they have set it. Baby L-M will be born on 12/21! Sad it’s so close to Christmas, but excited to know when he’ll actually be here.



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6 responses to “>glucose and a birth date

  1. Jen

    >I have ren thinking a lot about glucose testing as I have mine on Friday, so I wish you luck with the 3hr test! You may have mentioned this before, but why the schedule c-section? Just curious as I have been thinking a lot about that too in case munchkin is huge…it is already mentioned at my last OB appt!

  2. >I had a myomectomy (fibroid removal surgery that is similar to a c-section) last December, so they don't want me to go to term or go into labor. Good luck with the glucose test!

  3. >bluck bluck to the glucose test. December 21 is Winter Solistice and a very special day to have a baby.

  4. >That's exciting to know the date! At least now you'll have 4 days before xmas – how long do you stay in the hospital for a c-section? Sorry to hear about your glucose test. I'm sure you'll pass since you are only slightly elevated. When I had to take the 3 hour test (before being prescribed Metformin) they held me hostage in the waiting room!! I ended up renting a movie to watch on my ipod… It was so so so boring sitting in there so be prepared!!!

  5. >good luck with the 3-hour test tomorrow. 12/21 sounds like a lovely day to be born! 🙂

  6. >Wow, a due date!! Very exciting.Best of luck with the 3-hour…

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