>OB visit

>The good: OB is pleased with how I’m doing. Weight is good as is everything else. Baby’s heartbeat sounded great and he showed off his kicking skills. I’ll be visiting the OB every two weeks now. Wow.

The bad: I mentioned my back pain and she told me some stuff I can do but said not to use a heating pad. Oops! I’ve been using a heating pad. She gave me an alarmed look and said it could “cook” the baby. Holy shit. I hope I haven’t hurt the little man… One more thing to worry about.

The ugly: She was talking about scheduling the C-section on Dec. 23, meaning I’d be in the hospital through Christmas. It’s not set in stone or anything but damn, I hope that doesn’t happen.


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10 responses to “>OB visit

  1. >Wow – who would have known that heating pad thing? Wow – a Christmas baby! I am curious about how you decided on a birth plan – no judgments – just wondering what tipped the scales in favor of the C ? having watched the business of being born I am really on the fence about hospital, drugs, c-section or home in the bath birth! Would you prefer after Xmas if you had the choice or earlier? Glad that apart from the back pain things are good- what kinds of things did the doctor suggest?

  2. >I had a myomectomy (fibroid removal) last Dec. so I have to have a C-section. I had planned a natural water birth :(She mentioned massage, abdominal exercises, and moist heat. I'm doing the moist heat right now. Aaaaaahhhh.

  3. >there has got to be a solution other than being in the hospital over christmas! that sounds SO NOT fun! i hope she can figure something else out for you, timing-wise.

  4. Jen

    >Have you thought about a chiropractor? I started going back 2 weeks ago an my back is so much better. And I agree, a hospital Christmas does not sound like fun!

  5. >I'm painfully trying to do the math here…December 23rd is 39weeks which is pretty standard for a scheduled C-section. This brings back memories of getting my BFP and plugging in the dates and seeing January 1st pop up as the EDD (both thrilled and thinking OMG)!! We're at the mercy of our LO's now!! Although it does suck that you'll *know* in advance that you'll be in the hospital it will be a very memorable Holiday and a good story for the future. I wonder if they offer Christmas Dinner????

  6. >P.S.I'm totally fantasizing about this now. Christmas Carolers in the halls… Christmas dinner on a hospital tray. I'm hoping for a snow storm… I don't think you'll get that!

  7. >Snow in Los Angeles – it would truly be a Christmas miracle! 🙂

  8. >Wow I forgot about the myomectomy! Rats! I have always fantasized about a water birth… Have you tried shiatsu massage? The moist heat sounds good – like a bath – is that it? I wonder why they can't schedule you like a week before Xmas – then at least you could all be home afterwards together:)

  9. >i had all of my c-sections two weeks early at 37 weeks. Thalon was born on the 22nd. This could be both good or bad luck if you were to have your son on this day. I made it home on Christmas Eve but then again, the drugs made me do it.

  10. >I think it'd be wonderful if he shared a birthday with Thalon. In fact, it makes me feel a little better about the idea of him having a birthday so close to Christmas. I have a feeling the OB isn't going to want to be doing all this over Christmas, so it may all be a moot point. I hope to find out the date next Friday when I'm back in her office.

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