>As I may have mentioned, we’re setting up baby’s stuff in our room for the time being. Our 2nd bedroom currently functions as our office, so we’re going to see how long we can share our room before needing to turn the other room into his space. While my mom was in town we bought and set up the crib. Check it out!




In other news, I am getting big as a house. This picture was taken over the weekend (almost 27 weeks):



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13 responses to “>crib

  1. >the crib looks so cozy, i LOVE the bedding! and your baby belly is fabulous! πŸ™‚ you look great!!

  2. >I love the crib and the bedding! Very nice. Curious about the tent–do you have a cat?You are NOT big as a house–you look great!!

  3. >We have 3 cats – crazy people, I know, but we love our kitties πŸ™‚

  4. >You look great!! And that bed and beddinig is so pretty.

  5. next in line

    >i love it.simple and cozy. Is that tent for the cats? I need to get one. I have never seen one before.

  6. >You look fab!We have the same bedding, but with bunnies! You have great taste. πŸ™‚

  7. >I absolutely love the bedding and you look great!

  8. >I love your bedding and the Carter's accessories. It all looks great together. We're going to keep our LO in our room for at least the first 6 months so although we'll have a room ready, we won't be using it. Apparently it'safer to have them in your room – at least that's what I've read on SIDS websites.

  9. >Oh, and your bedroom must be huge for a condo! Our bedroom is 10x 9'3". No room for a crib and barely enough room for a Queen size bed! LOL

  10. >So cute! That is the crib we are planning on. Do you give it a thumbs up?And you are not as big as a house! You look amazing!

  11. >I love the crib. It's very simple and doesn't seem as big as most cribs, though it must be as it fits a standard crib mattress.

  12. >You look really good! I love the crib and bedding. We are going to have the baby in our room too – you inspired me that it can be done!

  13. KM

    >Everything looks wonderful! its a gorgeous space, your baby is gonna love it :)Just an FYI my pediatrician says those tents are dangerous when the munchkins can pull up to a stand.

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