>back pain

>First, thank you for all the thoughtful responses to my last post. The donor issue is an interesting and challenging one and I’m so glad to have you all as resources! For what it’s worth, I think we are going to create a (removable) donor page in the baby book that includes the 2 pictures we have and a small amount of information.

For the last few weeks, I’ve been having terrible back pain (upper right of back, not lower back). It kicks in at around noon and gets progressively worse throughout the afternoon/early evening. When I get home from work, I lay on a heating pad, which does make it better. But the minute I get up, there it is again. Anyone else have this and have any advice for relieving it? It is making me very cranky (poor DW). Back to the heating pad…


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  1. KM

    >I found a chiropractor that specialized in treating pregnant women. It was a god send for me as I started having back pain at about 12 weeks. I also found warm baths to be very helpful and making sure I had good back support on my chair at work and in my car was also key.

  2. >Swimming or just being in the pool helps me. Do you have a physio that could recommend some stretches?

  3. >Hi – my co-worker had similar pain around the same time and she found shiatsu massage really helpful. Have you checked in with your doc about it? As for the donor discussion which I did not comment on before- great food for thought. I think the removable page is a good idea! We will have to make two – one for each donor! I am going to go backand read everyone's suggestions. On the whole I subscribe to age appropriate openness.

  4. >i have this pain too… i lay on tennis balls – or one at a time when i don't think i can coordinate one on each side of my spine. it really helps me get in the wing spots that get really tight and pained as well as all up and down the back of my ribcage which is so sore since my ribs have expanded so much.

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