>19 weeks, 3 days

>We had another genetic ultrasound on Monday and the baby looks perfect, just as he did in the previous one (at 16 weeks). Our 2nd tri screening numbers came back low again (1:29 for Downs), but the OB thinks there is no problem at all with our boy. He is measuring right on his date and has zero markers. We are still going with no amnio, which means we’ll go again for an ultrasound on August 31. OB says if all is still great at that point (and he has no doubts that it will be), we are over the hump. You’d be able to tell by then for sure according to him. We are not worried about it.

Baby was flipping around like crazy during the u/s. I was shocked I couldn’t feel anything – I’m talking he was planting his feet and pushing off while arching his back! Wild man! We brought in a CD to record the u/s but it is blank. Sadness. The u/s pictures weren’t great either. They were all of the 4D scans, which we find a bit creepy. I was hoping for another profile shot. Ah well, we’ll be back there in a few weeks.
We’re still buying baby clothes like crazy people. We need to stop so that we see what we end up getting from people, but it’s so fun! Here are just a few of our purchases:
My mom is coming out to visit in late September (post-remodel) so she can see me pregnant. It’ll be nice to have her here, but I’m stressing a little about having the house back in order in time. It is a huge mess right now. Ah well, if it’s not all done, she may just have to pitch in and help, right?


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6 responses to “>19 weeks, 3 days

  1. >Great news about your u/s results! I personally love the "rock legend" t!

  2. Jen

    >yes, that bottom row of clothes looks very familiar. Too funny. I am sure everything will be fine with your u/s and babe will be perfect. I am a tad jealous that you get to see him so often! I want to see munchkin!

  3. >wonderful news about the u/s! isn't it weird to see the baby moving all around and not feel a thing? you are so close to that milestone now, i bet you'll start to feel him in the next few days/week. it's so cool when you do ~ be sure to update us! the clothes are adorable!

  4. >Great u/s news! Congrats! We're going crazy buying stuff too and we don't even know what we're having yet!!

  5. >Cute as can be!!!! I love little boy clothes! Maybe if I have a girl I will dress her in boy clothes and she will be a lesbian? Just kidding!!!! I did it to my barbie and it worked for her!!!So excited that things are going so well for you all! And as for your mom and the remodel – isn't that what moms are for – helping out and being flexible in times of need? Hopefully she can de-stress the sitch not make it worse – but of course I don't know your mom:)Sorry it took me a while to comment!

  6. >Hey, have fun buying stuff. We always bought a ton and really, people didn't buy us a whole lot so it's a good thing we did. Besides, I think buying the clothing is one of the best things to be able to buy for your kids and I'd prefer to do it myself. 😉 Cute clothes!

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