>post-vacation status

>The wife and I are back to real life (sigh). We had a good trip, though it was not exactly what you’d call relaxing as we were in the convention center with a bazillion people on our feet for several days. Our highlight was meeting/getting pics with Adama and Tigh from Battlestar Galactica. What? I told you we were nerds!

My morning sickness seems to have gone away for the most part. Fortunately it lifted right before Comic-Con started. I have also graduated to wearing my maternity jeans exclusively now. I could still fit into some of old jeans, but they got uncomfortable toward the end of the day. We’ve been buying and receiving baby clothes like crazy. Is fun! I was kind of bummed to be missing the buying of all the cute girly clothes, but I’ve discovered that boy clothes are really fun, too. Baby boy is going to dress a lot like his Mommy (my wife) – polos, jeans, Converse, cute t-shirts.

I had some serious mood swings going on post-vacation. I’d feel really down in the dumps and then quickly back to normal. It seems to have lifted, thankfully. I get down sometimes after vacation so I think it was that heightened by hormones (plus the horribly awful dirty house we are living in thanks to the remodel-ugh!). I think I’ve been feeling some slight movement from the little dude, but I’m not positive and it’s definitely not able to be felt from the outside. DW is going crazy waiting to be able to see/feel him move around.

I will end with a couple of u/s pics from our 16 week appointment and a belly shot at 17 weeks 🙂





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5 responses to “>post-vacation status

  1. >oh my god! your baby boy is beautiful! what a sweet profile! :)i love the belly shot, you look fabulous!

  2. Jen

    >That profile pic is amazing! I didn't get a 16 week ultrasound…no fair. 🙂 I am wearing my maternity jeans today for the first time and it is heaven! So comfy! Don't worry too much about mood swings and such…it goes with the territory! Have fun continuing to buy clothes. In three weeks when we know the gender, I will be right with ya.

  3. >Beautiful pics of the baby boy! And nice tummy pic as well. One of my close pals has a baby boy and I have been surprised at the cuteness of the clothing choices.., I love things with cute frogs, trains and such. Of course t.arget has great stuff and I am embarrassed to say that I also like the kids clothes at cra.cker barrel. Please don't block me from your bloglist 😉

  4. >oh how cute – okay you are having a boy – how did I miss that announcement?That little guy looks so happy in there and your belly shot is awesome!Here's to comfy maternity jeans!Hope your moods are less yo yo soon.TG:)

  5. >Love the belly shot and the u/s pics! You're looking great!

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