>first trimester screening results

>Okay, I’m trying not to freak out. My OB called with the results of the bloodwork and said that there is a 1 in 8 chance that the baby has Downs Syndrome. I’ve heard from so many people that they got terrible results from this screening and ended up with a perfectly healthy baby, but that 1 in 8 just scared the shit out of me. Is it too much to ask for one thing to just be fine in this process? Now we get to worry for the next month (amnio is 7/15 and results won’t be in until two weeks after that).

On the plus side, the doctor said that the nuchal translucency result was great and that he’s seen lots of people with these odds and worse come through just fine. Still, this is going to be a tough few weeks.


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  1. >scary… will be thinking of you with fingers crossed that all will work out well in the end. we have these tests coming and it is nerve racking to be sure…

  2. N

    >I think the n/t scan being great is really good news, and I will be over here, thinking of you guys. I hope the wait isn't too horrible.

  3. >Sorry you are having to go through this. I did CVS for my first pregnancy because I had a bad 1st trimester result and I was 38. I have a perfectly healthy 2 1/2 year old running around now. I did amnio for my 2nd pregnancy since I'm 41 now. The amnio procedure is really nothing, but the wait can be hard. You can get preliminary results in 3 days if you request them — most doctors won't offer this option. There may be an extra cost and insurance may not cover it. If the baby's nuchal fold is normal, do you know what is causing the elevated risk for DS?

  4. >Wow, scary. Still, a one in eight chance means that seven out of eight is all fine. I'm hoping and betting on the better odds. It's going to be a long month, but hang on…it'll get there.

  5. KM

    >I am sorry you have this worry and the wait. The nuchal fold being good is a good sign though. We will be keeping you in our thoughts.

  6. >sending ((hugs)). im so sorry you are having to deal with this uncertianty right now. like you, ive also heard of many unnecessary scares with this first trimester screening. it sounds like your doc is optimistic, which is a good thing. i'll be thinking of you over these next weeks and hoping the amnio provides all the reassurance you need.

  7. >Sorry that you're experiencing this !! I hope that the amnio goes smoothly and you have your safe and sound results soon.

  8. >Oh the stress! I'm so sorry you are feeling anxious about this, but it sounds like your Doc sounds optimistic, which is great. Good luck with the amnio and the wait. The waiting never stops, does it?

  9. >Ohhhh, the not knowing is hard. I am so sorry you have this extra worry right now. But with the NT showing good results and the chances of DS only being 1 in 8, I think you will get relief when you have amnio results. We'll be here holding your hands.

  10. >Oh I have seen so many close friends cry their eyes out with those blood tests. They are really seem to give enough information to cause panic without enough accuracy to really say anything. Hang in there! I know waiting is really hard but you will get through this.

  11. >Oh, Glamcookie. I'm thinking about you and hoping that you turn out to be one of the 7/8 who passes with flying colors. If you're not, you'll have a huge support network. Wait, you do anyway.

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