>between appointments update

>I don’t know if I mentioned it, but I passed the glucose test they had me do at 12 weeks. I was worried about it, but it ended up just fine. Still waiting to hear the results from the other tests they ran from all that blood they took.

I took my first belly shot today (14 weeks). I have finally reached the 2nd trimester! Still having some nausea and gagging, but I’m hoping that subsides in the coming days/weeks.

We have our next OB appt. on July 13 and our amnio appt. is July 15. I’m nervous about the amnio, but it will be nice to get it behind us and feel like we can really enjoy the rest of the pregnancy. Anyone else have or will be having an amnio? We were planning on it all along since I’m 39, but the cysts the doctor found at the 1st tri screening sealed the deal. We just want to know.

In other news, we are finishing up packing our kitchen, master bath, and laundry room in preparation for our remodel. I am not looking forward to the house chaos I am about to enter, but have to just focus on the end result.


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5 responses to “>between appointments update

  1. >well, first, congratulations on passing the glucose test.Second, good luck on the reno! Gf & I just completed a six-month reno and, yes, we did get to the point of nearly (but not quite) hurling drywall at each other. Now we sit on the couch and talk about how much we love it… Gotta keep the end in mind!

  2. >Congrats on passing that glucose test, and on reaching the second trimester! I know things will get easier from here on out…you have some easier days ahead.

  3. >congrats on passing the glucose test! mine isnt until 28 weeks – i wonder why they are spaced so differently?so … when are you going to post a belly shot?? πŸ˜‰

  4. >Congrats on passing! Oh a renovation right now doesn't sound very fun, but even less fun later on.Where's the photo?! Such a tease!

  5. >As a girl in the middle of a remodel, I wholeheartedly wish you luck! But before you know it, it's done and gorgeous. :)Congratulations on passing — Mine isn't for a while yet, but I do have the great urine collection to look forward to. (Don't get too jealous…) We're almost exactly on the same schedule, btw. πŸ™‚ Best of luck!

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