>first trimester screening – updated with pics

>Before I get into the actual appointment, I have to start with what I found out last night while looking for the doctor’s address. There was a review on one site that said he donated $20K to support Prop 8. Doh! I went to the Prop 8 contributors database and yes indeed, he donated $17K in support. So we spent an anxious hour or so wondering whether we should cancel the appointment. It took a long time to get the appointment, and he is not my regular OB (just screening) so we went ahead with it.

Now to the appointment itself. I hated his office (would have even w/o the gay thing hanging over it). The nurse wouldn’t leave the room when I got changed, he and his nurse had zero bedside manner, they never addressed DW once (hell, they barely addressed me). And they tried to schedule me for an amnio with him – nu and uh. I said I’d call to schedule it, but no way am I going back to that office. He said that the neck measurements are fine (within normal range), but he saw a couple of small cysts in the neck that he said might indicate a chromosomal problem. Of course, then he said they might be gone by the time of our next ultrasound. So, I’m not going to worry about it at this point. I have heard all kinds of stories of terrible 1st tri screening results and perfectly healthy babies. We are going to do an amnio (but not with this fool) so we’ll see what the results of that are.

We got more u/s pics – will post once DW scans them.

Here are the u/s photos. First one here is one of those freaky deaky looking shots:
And this one is a little tough to make out, but the doctor said he believes the baby is a BOY as he thinks he spotted a penis (already!). He said this shot shows it:


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9 responses to “>first trimester screening – updated with pics

  1. >ug, the doc & his practice sound miserable. glad to hear you are looking into a different one – it's so important to be comfortable with your OB and confident in the care you are getting. i cant wait to see the u/s pics! you need to get DW to teach you how to use the scanner, you kill me with the teases and waiting to see! 😉

  2. >Good for you for sucking it up through that appointment! It's great that you're not under his care regularly!

  3. >I agree: don't go back to that practice! Not leaving you alone to change, not addressing your partner and having as little kindness as he did a very important scan = unacceptable. Of course the prop 8 thing also does not help my opinion of him. I am sure all will be well with the amnio. Can't wait to see your new bean pics.

  4. >grrrrrr… what jerks! points for you making it through it… looks like we are only a few days apart on this insane pregnancy ride 🙂 very cool.

  5. >The Prop 8 thing – grrr. (Though come to think of it I don't know how my doc votes.)Ignoring DW? UGH! I don't care what your political agenda may be, you can STILL be professional. But ignoring you? I can't imagine why the hell anyone would possibly ignore a pregnant woman in front of them when they're supposed to be oh, say, examining? That is just plain whacked. That's just a bad doctor. WTF? all round. I hope you find a better one.

  6. >so sorry abt the bad appt this guy is truly a fool!!

  7. >OH MY GOD! look at that BABY!!!! the first picture is unreal how you can see all of his features so well. wow, im totally in awe! what a perfect little peanut you have! 🙂 and congrats on finding out it's (probably) a boy! isn't it wonderful to be able to use gender specific pronouns and retire the awkward "it"?!

  8. >THIS IS JDZ… jdzblogs.blogspot.com!Love the pictures. Sorry the experience was not what you had hoped but especially that you had to deal with someone so ignorant. That is very disapointing. I agree – do not go back to that practice. Very exciting to find out your lil one may be a boy! D swears she saw the same bum shot as you're showing and says she didn't see a penis. She is POSITIVE we're having a girl. LOL It's so early and it could go either way but it is fun to pretend! BTW – I'm having a hard time leaving comments on your blog. After I click on "Post a Comment" my browser opens up a gazillion windows. I'm not sure what is up with that… but I'm going to risk it! lol

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