>wacky thoughts

>We watched a Bela Lugosi movie last night called White Zombie in which a young woman was turned into a zombie on her wedding day. By the end, she was back to her old self and I swear to God the first thing that popped into my head was, “Well that can’t be good for the baby-making! Alive, dead, alive again!” The wild and wacky mind of a woman who has struggled with infertility. You people are the only ones with whom I would share that particular weird thought 🙂 Hey, at least I can find some humor in it, right?

I stop the progesterone inserts and estrogen shots on Sunday 6/14! Then I have my first OB visit on 6/15 and first tri screening on 6/25. Time finally seems to be moving again.



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2 responses to “>wacky thoughts

  1. >Getting off drugs is a beautiful thing. I felt like a cloud that hung over me finally lifted. I also had Vampire thoughts while pregnant. Mostly I just felt like a Vampire those first few weeks. I was pale and freezing all the time. I am sure it didn't help that I was reading the twighlight books.

  2. >I love old Bela Lugosi horror movies. My friends and I play MST3K while watching them. The funniest part is that my dad was once scared stiff when he watched them as a 10-year-old and still gets chills when he sees my old movie collection.

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