>misc., pg and other

>This is a mish mosh of stuff that I’m wondering about or that is going on.

Bras and pregnancy
So, I’m totally busting out of my current bras (a problem I never needed as I’m decently endowed normally). I’m wondering if I should just go buy new ones that fit, or if there are special bras for pregnancy that kind of “grow” with you, if you know what I mean. I feel like that is probably a stupid question, but before I go investing in new bras, I figured I’d ask. I’m also wondering how often I’ll have to do this. I’m only 2 months along and am already in need!

DW’s uncle passed away last week and we attended the memorial service yesterday. It was really sad. He was 66 and died suddenly of heart failure. There may have been some malpractice involved, which just makes it all the harder.

State of me
I finally threw up this morning. First time! I think it was a combo of m/s and eating my cereal too fast. I didn’t feel sick at all but while I was brushing my teeth a little gagging happened and then there it was. Ew. I practically inhaled my breakfast so I’m going to try to slow it down 🙂



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  1. >I needed new bras by the second month too, but luckily, the couple I bought lasted me until close to the end, and then I bought nursing bras and tanks that were great! Target has some really affordable nursing bras and tanks that do tend to shrink back up a bit in the wash so they fit me at 9 months pregnant, and post partem. I would recommend going ahead with them because they will grow with you if you need it. One alert, I was a D when I got preggo, 4 months after I had weaned my daughter, I was still an E. A freaking E, past DD. Ugh. But a couple months later, finally, finally, my boobs went back to normal size. The rest of me was pretty much back to pre-preggo size within a couple months of having my daughter, nursing meant I only kept about 5 lbs of my pregnancy weight. hurray. So there were upsides to those E boobs. But I'm happy to have my D's back. Good luck! I threw up only 2 times in my first tri. Once because I was eating crackers and they got pasty in my mouth and grossed me out, once because I did not get something in my stomach fast enough after realizing I was hungry, and I tried to clean up a few dishes, ew yucky old food + empty stomach = throwing up on my 28th birthday. I hope this is your only gagging experience. Melissa in Durham

  2. >Look into Bravado nursing bras. They are a bit like sports bras but they cover a few cup sizes and are *fantastic* nursing bras when the time comes. They were recommended to me by b.org-ers and I've loved them.

  3. jdz

    >I found my bras were tight almost right away however I have to admint I was probably wearing a size to small to begin with! =PWe ended up buying a couple of sports bras(D had to drag me to Sears).I'm not a fancy kind of bra girl anyway. I'm really enjoying them!Sorry to hear about DW's uncle. That is very sad.

  4. >i need some new bras too, spilling out of the old ones but too reluctant to bra shop. ugh. throwing up cereal is the worst, especially cheerios. hope the vomiting doesnt become a regular occurance.

  5. >Most of my breast growth happened right away, and I did invest in two larger bras, which I'm hoping will last me through. I haven't had any more growth since month 2.

  6. >so here is my 2 cents, I went to Nordstrom to get new bras, they re-fit me at my current preggo state and then we tried two bras that were a little big , but I would grow into them. great at first but after a week I did not like them so back we all went to Nords where they took the bras back and gave me two more to try. these were perfect and have lasted me the rest of the pregnancy. It is great to know you can always take them back! I second the bravado for the nursing tanks GREAT!

  7. >oy- the bras. not sure what size you started at, but i started at a D cup normally and am having to go to only specialty shops for pregnancy bras (bravado was good for two weeks before i grew out of it! bummer!) i've had two major growth spurts, one at the beginning weeks and then another at around 16 weeks. i've gone up 3+ cup sizes (not to scare you). i was pretty down about it…but my midwife says it's a good sign for great breastfeeding. she's good at keeping me positive. i like the brand rosa faia for larger sizes to get thru pregnancy. not sure you need that big, but thought i'd send you a shout out. now that my nausea is totally gone (i'm 20 weeks) it's the jugs that seem to be the hardest for me to contain!

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