>graduation (updated with photo)

>We had our last ultrasound with our RE this morning. The nugget looks great and the heart rate was 170 BPM. Only two more weeks on estrogen and progesterone! I made an appointment with the OB for 6/15 and an appointment for the first trimester screening on 6/25. I’m a little bummed that the OB I wanted is on maternity leave so I am starting with another doctor in her office. I also couldn’t tell for sure, but it sounded like they do the old rotating doctor thingy, which I’m not so keen on. I’ll find out when we go on the 15th.

So happy that things are progressing nicely and SO ready to move on to the OB. We took a picture of the u/s screen (stupid old-school machine that doesn’t print) so hopefully it turned out and I’ll share soon.

Go, nugget!

Here’s the pic:


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9 responses to “>graduation (updated with photo)

  1. jdz

    >Congrats on your graduation! Very exciting!!! It’s awesome that you get to go to your OB so soon.

  2. >Humming the graduation song for you. So glad that everything’s progressing beautifully!

  3. >That’s great news!! So glad everything is checking out just fine.

  4. >excellent news!! Congrats on moving to a new place in your journey.

  5. Jen

    >This is so exciting!!! I hope I get to greaduate with you this week as well…our RE appt is on Thursday. I love that we are basically on the same schedules! Congratulations and here, here to an OB!

  6. >congratulations on your graduation! what a wonderful milestone! i love the baby picture, nugget is gorgeous!

  7. >HI Glamor Girl!You and your baby are fabulous! So So SO happy for you that you are doing so well and the baby is great!I hope the OB works out for you – and if not, well I am sure there are others just standing in line wanting to be your doc! Congratulations!!!

  8. >happy graduation!!! so happy for you!

  9. >Awww baby’s first picture. Congratulations on the graduation.

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