>"morning" sickness

>This weekend was probably the worst it’s been for me in terms of “morning” sickness. I put the “morning” in quotation marks because I’m usually feeling pretty good in the AM. It’s not until around 11 or so that I start feeling like crap. And it lasts off and on (mostly on) until bed time. Ugh. I’m pretty lucky, though, as I have yet to actually vomit. I have a lot of gagging and just general nausea/tiredness during the day. It’s also hard to eat as nothing ever sounds good. Case in point: I had plain cheese pizza for lunch and dinner on Sunday, and for lunch on Monday. And these were all different pizzas (not leftovers). I need to get some of those Sea Bands and see if they work. I definitely feel like I have low-level seasickness. Not pleasant, but I know lots of people have it much worse.

Next up: Ultrasound on Monday to check in on the nugget. Yay!



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6 responses to “>"morning" sickness

  1. S

    >good luck for monday’s u/s….getting in early with the luck wishing because I’m probably going to be in panic mode on monday for my 11w u/s on tuesday. weekly panicking…dont you just LOVE it! very kewl that you’re having MS. I’m hella (ha, I said hella) tired and only get nauseous if I don’t eat, so you’re doing well.and the smell of meat is starting to…er, put me off!good luck mate!xx

  2. >isn’t morning sickness grand?! hope it doesnt get any worse for you. cant wait to hear about the u/s on monday ~ we are gonna want to see pictures!! 😀

  3. Jen

    >Oh dear. I am completely with ya, except I have puked about 20 times! Definitely get the seabands…they completely help me during the morning and days and I only take them off for the shower. Get them now!

  4. >Note to self: buy seabands as soon as I get my BFP!Sorry you feel so icky – that sounds nasty. How do you handle it at work? That’s what I worry about! Good luck on the U/S – very exciting! I guess the m/s is a good sign though – even though it’s nasty!FX for you and your nugget!

  5. >Sorry you are feeling so crappy. I have seabands and they work for…a boat! So I hope they work for this, too!

  6. >I need to check out seaband. You’re right. Our M/S sounds very normal. I’ve been eating a lot of plain cheese pizza too!

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