>morning sickness

>I just had my first gagging, run for the toilet moment! How bizarre to be all happy about almost puking. Ha! Still, I am sitting here with a huge smile on my face. Yay pukey! I also had a dream a couple of nights ago that we had a baby girl. We named her Gillian (which is not the girl’s name we have picked out, but is one we like). Now I’ve had a baby boy dream and a baby girl dream. BG twins?

Also, a miracle happened – my friends’ house was spared from the fire!! They just got confirmation and posted photos. So so so happy! Thanks for all the kind words and thoughts, friends.

Next up – first ultrasound next Monday. Seems like it’s a year away. Hurry up, time!


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6 responses to “>morning sickness

  1. Jen

    >That is so funny…I am hoping I start puking as I will take it as a great sign things are prgressing!

  2. >i remember being happy about the first waves of nausea and vomiting (but i am so over it now). hope things dont get any worse for you. and i CANNOT wait for monday either, you have to promise to post asap after the u/s, i’ll be blog stalking for wonderful news!! 😀

  3. >Congrats on the gagging! That’s where I am right now at 6 weeks, 4 days. Gag, gag, gag…

  4. S

    >OMG.. B/G twins, every infertile’s wet dream!! 🙂 I hope your dream comes true. Monday the 18th your next scan? Mine too. We can be sh#t scared and then sh#t happy together! I haven’t had any puking, just random nausea. Which is kinda annoying cause a puke a day might make me feel better for a while… but ah well!! Good luck mate!xx

  5. >Mgood luck with the puking, but isn’t it a nice reassurance. i never thought that i would be okay with it, and for 15 weeks it was just part of the morning routine- no complaints. some days worse than others but all days that will lead to the best gifts life will offer us.Maria

  6. >Congrats on the pregnancy! I lost track of your blog somehow and missed the announcement. Such great news!! I’ll be thinking of you on Monday for the first ultrasound!

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