>sleeping woes and positive vibes

>I’m not typically a great sleeper, but lately it’s progressed into craziness. I wake up constantly all night long and usually get up at some point for about an hour. When my body/mind is finally ready to sleep, it’s about 1-2 hours before the alarm goes off so I’m dead tired when it does. Not to mention the cranky all day part. Any natural sleep remedies that work for you? So. Tired.

Good friends of ours (who have a 2-month-old son) have probably lost their home in the Santa Barbara fire (their street has been mentioned in various news reports as hard hit). They got evacuated again last night at 2AM from the motel they were staying at. It’s really awful. Join me in hoping that the fire is under control ASAP and that their home is still there. Poor people.


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5 responses to “>sleeping woes and positive vibes

  1. Jen

    >Oh, I am so sorry for your friends, I can't even imagine! And I am sorry you are not sleeping well. A friend bought me from Lavender handsoap from Bath&Body Works and I have been using that at night and breathing it in deeply to relax my mind. Tiff has also been giving me nightly massages to help ease my troubles and I have been sleeping pretty well. How are you hanging in there?

  2. >Ugh! No sleep = no good. I would normally pop an ambien, but that is probably a no-no in pregnancy. Are you getting a good amount of exercise during the day? Also there are some meditative breathing techniques that help me sleep – breathing in one nostril and out the other, then switching on the next breath. Also, breathing in and out in 5 steps each with a 2 second break between each step… Let me know if that’s totally confusing.

  3. >Oh and I wish the best for your friends. They are in my thoughts.

  4. >i wish i had some advice, but its just gotten worse for me. i’m up 3-4x night just to pee!sorry to hear about your friends, sounds awful.

  5. S

    >I’m so sorry about your friends, that sounds awful! I’ve been having random bouts of insomnia too, but I’m on half a tablet of valium which is starting to lose its potency as far as making me sleepy goes. Plus I’m on high levels of water (bleh) so getting up every 20-30 mins for a wee. Bah, humbug! No sleep makes me a cranky b#tch!I love the idea of the “warm glass of milk before bed” remedy, but that seriously gives me the sh#ts. Bad. hmm! bummer!I wouldn’t try any natural remedies without checking with your doc. One phone call to check it out. I know I’m uber paranoid, but better safe than sorry. Although with your MS, it sounds like you’re pretty safe. What works for me is starting a trend of thought that I want to work into a dream…before long, dreaming takes over. Unfortunately, the dreams dont always turn out the way I want them to (ha, ha!) but at least I’m catching some zzzs!Hang in there… xx

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