>beta #3

>Came in at a whopping 3434! I’m wondering if we’re looking at twins (meep). I’m just relieved it went up. These milestones are too damned stressful. Next up is the u/s for heartbeat on 5/18. So I get to be PG for another 2 weeks at least. Probably not the healthiest way to think about it, but there it is.

Come on, nugget(s)!


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9 responses to “>beta #3

  1. >WOOHOO! That is a great number. Maybe multiples… So happy for you!

  2. Jen

    >Whoa-that number definitely screams twins to me! That is so awesome. I can’t believe we are on the exact same cycle….that is amazing!!!! Here’s to hoping that we both pass the May 18th u/s and stay preggo twins. (I am also having a hard time grasping all of this-so I understand the “unhealthy” statement)

  3. >girl – you’s havin twins!Good luck in this next tww – hope it isn’t too excruciating!I get you on feeling less than real about it – but I really hope it’s all good news from here -on in!((HUGS))

  4. >congrats on the great number!! the TWWs never end!

  5. >Hells ya! Definitely sounds like multiples.

  6. S

    >No idea bout the numbers and multiples but the fact that its still rising is just freaking wonderful!! Another 2 weeks of waiting… isn’t it odd how we live our lives constantly in 2 week increments?? I read that somewhere and thought…so true.Hang in there, baby or babies!!xx

  7. >I just started reading your blog and want to say CONGRATS!!! So happy to hear your good news ladies.

  8. Jen

    >Hey–me again. How are you hanging in there? This tww is the worst of the entire ttc!! Go figure. I am having a hard time staying positive and feeling like something will go wrong. Are you having any anxiety or fear?

  9. Jen

    >got your post…I am actually glad I am not alone…sorry!!!! Tiff is being wonderful and actually called my nurse today to talk about my anxiety. I am thinking about doing acupuncture to help ease my stress. And, to answer your question, YES, time has STOPPED. It is only 2 days after our beta’s. Hell, 2 weeks is going to be a lifetime from now…. if you need anything or just want to chat, feel free to email me at jl_artgirl@hotmail.com

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