>symptoms already?

>I didn’t have much in the way of symptoms last time around (sore boobs is all that I recall), but I’m feeling quite a bit this go around and it’s early! I’m only 4w 5d! Anyway, I’m having slight nausea, ye olde sore boobs, and TMI – constipation (ick). I also cry at nothing (a song, tv, anything that strikes me) and have what we have termed Nugget Rage. This is when I get irrationally furious over nothing. Take the other day when Robek’s made my drink too thick to drink through the straw and then I couldn’t get a spoon to eat it with as we were at a movie theater and they didn’t have them. Cue the NUGGET RAGE!!!!! Poor DW. Lucky for me she finds the incidents amusing so far. It is not like me at all (I’m pretty mellow most of the time).

This is making me hopeful for this pregnancy, but I’m not taking anything for granted. Here’s hoping my symptoms keep on increasing. Stay tuned for more incidents of Nugget Rage.


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7 responses to “>symptoms already?

  1. >those sound like good signs to me! with my first (failed) pregnancy, i didnt have much in the way of symptoms either. this time, i felt nauseous just a few days after i got my bfp (and its only increased since then) – “they” say it’s a sign of a healthy pregnancy, so enjoy!! 😉

  2. >alright – I think S has it right – those sound like great healthy signs. Is there a Nugget Rage defense? LOL!

  3. >I had all of those symptoms too, so things are sounding good. The rage did subside. 🙂

  4. >Yay for symptoms! I had consitpation early on in my pregnancy too so I hope it is an excellent sign. Eat some fruit every day, it helps.

  5. Jen

    >Hi. Thanks for coming over and saying congratulations! Congrats yourself!!!! We may be pregnancy buddies. I am still nervous about everything and waiting for my betas (cell directly on my right side), so your post a couple days ago is great to help me. I will add you to my blog roll and keep in touch!

  6. S

    >hahaha I love it, nuggett rage!! That’s so much like me. Except its kinda hard to distinguish the normal rage from the potential “little my” rage. (thats what I’ve secretly named our bean, which we don’t know exists or not!). your symptoms are sounding spot on, the progesterone really f#cks with the body, can you enjoy the larger boobs, I know I did 🙂 but if they’re sore…not much fun there!! :)I have no nausea but constant hunger, tiredness, I sleep like 12-14 hours a day. wtf. hopefully, this is good my friend. good luck and will be lurking for updates!! xx

  7. >Yay for nausea and nugget rage (hilarious!)! Can’t wait to hear about your third great beta tomorrow!

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