>random bits

>Hey, thanks for all of the positive reinforcement on the beta numbers. I’m feeling better this morning and willing the nugget to hang in there this time around. To the person who asked, next Monday is indeed my final beta. We didn’t do a 3rd beta last time around so I assume my RE is doing it so I don’t go crazy after the m/c. Bless you, Dr. Q! Also, in regard to the PIO question, I am on progesterone supplements due to the previously mentioned allergy I developed to PIO. So much better! Seriously.

I had to get some new jeans over the weekend as the bloat has caused me to not fit into most of my others. I think it’s more IVF meds bloat than anything else. Just thought I’d give you a heads up that there are some great stretchy jeans by Levi’s that are perfect for this in-between stage. They are called Perfectly Slimming (hahahaha!) and have a bit more lycra or spandex in them than most jeans. It feels like you are wearing leggings, but looks like you’re wearing jeans, which I wear every day of my life. Totally comfortable. I got mine at Macy’s.



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3 responses to “>random bits

  1. >great tip about the jeans! Glad you are hanging in there:)

  2. >Maybe I should have those jeans now… Stick, nugget, stick!

  3. S

    >good luck on the final beta, I’m sure hoping all will be looking good, and 99% sure that it will.funnily, I always wear a sarong – so much roomier and colorful. I like looking like a beach bum when I’m not in a corporate suit. šŸ™‚

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