>pregnant, part II

>Well, I am pregnant. My beta was 61, which at first freaked me out because it’s lower than last time (74), but then I remembered that we tested a few days earlier this time so I think I’m actually ahead. Of course, my RE said 74 was a great number and today that 61 is a great number so this is all my own conjecture.

Now trying to reconcile the YAY I’M PREGNANT with will it last this time around feelings. Cautiously optimistic. Any vibes/prayers you’d like to send my way would be much appreciated 🙂

I go back on Monday for beta #2. Here’s hoping I get to be pregnant for more than just the weekend.


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17 responses to “>pregnant, part II

  1. -c

    >ooh very exciting! Hoping for the best!

  2. >Hey congrats — that is great. 61 is totally fine for an early beta. Didn’t you just have your transfer a week ago? Most doctors would make you wait at least a day or two more before running a beta.

  3. >Wow! Congratulations. Thinking good doubling/tripling thoughts for you!

  4. >Whoohoo! Congratulations. Hopefully this one sticks around.

  5. >That’s absolutely wonderful news. Wishing you the best in the coming days.

  6. >Well holy cow… that’s great!!! From what I hear, the initial # is less important than whether the number doubles. Keeping everything crossed for you. Congratulations!!!

  7. >All good vibes and prayers coming your way!

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  9. >Congratulations! Definitely sending you good vibes and prayers!

  10. >oh I hope so much that the numbers go up and up in double and triplicate! Sending so many hugs and sticky vibes it’s not even funny:)take care and have a good weekend:)

  11. R

    >Awwwww.. wonderful news:) Congrats ladies!!

  12. S

    >Holy shit! This is wonderful news. I agree with your caution. But I’m hoping that Monday’s numbers are still looking good. That baby boy dream sounds awesome too. :)p.s. my beta this time was lower than last time and lower than my pregnancy with my daughter. its not the numbers as much as the rise that counts, as they say!!will be lurking for news. 🙂

  13. >Sending cautiously optimistic sticky vibes your way!

  14. >I had a dream about a boy too when I was pregnant. He’s sleeping now. Many congrats and I will keep everything crossed for a big beta tomorrow.

  15. S

    >ok, I’m back cause its the end of Monday here, duh, so its still sunday for you. I keep forgetting! 🙂 Will be back for good news, ya hear?!xx

  16. >sorry i am so late in responding (i was away from my computer). CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!i have everything crossed for you today for a nicely doubling number! 🙂

  17. >Sorry I’m late to wish you CONGRATS!!! I hope to see the next post doubling in numbers!!!

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