>free stuff

>We are cleaning out our bathroom in preparation for a remodel and I really don’t want to just dump this stuff. Anybody need any of it? 

I don’t POAS anymore now that we’re in IVF land (betas only on my wife’s orders), so I have an unopened box of 2 digital tests plus an opened box with 1 test (I used the other one). I opened the Answer ovulation kit, but did not use anything in it (expires 7/09). The basal thermometer I used once and then cleaned with alcohol. I’m hoping to ship it all to one person…


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8 responses to “>free stuff

  1. belle155015

    >I’m interested! Anyone claim them yet?

  2. >You are the first! I tried to find your email address on your blog but was unable to. Email me at gloomcookie5 at yahoo dot com 🙂

  3. >Oh I missed the free goodies but it is so nice that you guys are giving them away.

  4. >aw, you kill me with the refusals to poas! arg, guess we’ll all have to wait until beta day to celebrate with you…very nice of you to give all that away!

  5. >I really need to clean out my cabinet too. Endless POAS here too!Wow – remodelling? that sounds exciting – do tell!

  6. >that was Tireegal using her DP’s account by mistake!

  7. belle155015

    >Oh, thanks! I sent ya an email 🙂

  8. belle155015

    >Okay the email came back… email me at miss.maldonado at gmail dot com. Thanks!

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