>a wedding story, with pictures

>Since I’m in a bit of a holding pattern this week, I thought I’d blog about other stuff. If there’s anything you’d like to know, comment and I’ll tell ya’.

Today’s post is about my user picture (posted below for posterity):

This picture is of me and my lovely wife (top two pale-ass hands – I’m on the right) and two of our best friends (R and L) who also got gay married when it was legal in CA. None of us were itching to get married, but my wife started talking about how it was important to use rights when you get them. Being the smarty that she is, we all thought about it and agreed that it was an important political move. So we scheduled weddings and were the witnesses at each others’ ceremonies. L and I got married at the Beverly Hills Courthouse on August 14. I was actually nervous and laughed in inappropriate spots during the ceremony. Still, it was also moving and felt really great to acknowledge our relationship in this way. Plus I got jewelry! We exchanged rings (not super expensive ones) and I got a Cartier Love bracelet. The plan is to get our initials and the initials of any children we have engraved on the inside of the bracelet. I love this thought and can’t wait to get it engraved.

Then we honeymooned in the Keys:

Our friends R and L had a small ceremony in their backyard. It was intimate and sweet and their 2 year old daughter was in attendance.

Then Prop 8 happened and we protested:

But we are all still married and still in love, and no Prop can take that away.

The End

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  1. >thanks for sharing this part of yourself! the pics are great – the honeymoon looks beautiful and the sign is awesome!

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