>Had my doctor appointment today and RE says we can start up any time. He said it’s not a matter of if I’ll have a baby, but when. He reiterated that there are no problems he can see and that we can try again as soon as we say the word. I am still sick, so said I wanted another week to get myself healthy again before we start. They also did a blood draw to make sure my HCG is down to 0. I’ll find out tomorrow if there’s any problem with the bloodwork. He said we could do the transfer on a Friday and then have the weekend for bedrest, and that it takes 3 weeks to prepare to do the transfer, so we are going to do the transfer on 4/17.

The wife and I are ready to move forward. Here’s hoping we have success this time around.


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  1. >It sounds like a plan! I hope you feel better physically soon – and of course I hope the emotional healing continues too. 4/17 is coming up! I’ll be thinking of you. For some reason I have a hard time posting on your blog – I mean it does not always let me do it – hope this goes through!

  2. >I tried to post yesterday but for some reason Firefox on this computer does not like your blog. I really appreciated you post about your honey and you and how much love you have going on – thanks -I really liked reading it. Made me remember why me and the missus got together and what life was like before this craziness.

  3. >It sounds wonderful! Great plan, great news.

  4. S

    >it sounds like a great plan, of course when you get back on track with feeling up to speed!I'm sorry about your miscarriage and d&c. I had my last one very recently. It sucks. all the best for some great news for you two in April!

  5. KM

    >I hope you are physically feeling better. I am glad you both have a good plan to proceed with. Your relationship sounds wonderful thank you for sharing a little peak into it yesterday. Thinking of you.

  6. >yay! i love the new plan! 4/17 will be here in no time! what kind of protocol does your RE use for a FET?

  7. >Good luck with the upcoming cycle. So glad the doctor truly believes it is a matter of “when” – that is so promising. Here is to the next cycle being the one!

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