>Well it’s not looking good. Doctor couldn’t find a sac where one should be, and he saw what could be 2 sacs in one of my tubes. They took blood to see where I’m at and we’re looking at one of 3 scenarios:

  • Regular miscarriage
  • Viable pregnancy still in the early stages (too early to see sac – I’m on the cusp of this apparently)
  • Ectopic pregnancy, meaning I’d have to have a D&C


I should hear by 8PM what the bloodwork shows. I am totally not expecting good news.



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4 responses to “>update

  1. >Oh god – Monti – this is so unfair and so hard – I am so so sorry. I really hope it is still viable – will be stalking your blog to see how you do – I think you are on pacific time and we are central so four hours different. Keeping you in my heart and sending you hopeful sticky thoughts.Your friend, TG:)

  2. R

    >Just wanted to let you know we are all here for you.. no matter what happens.. sending you positive thoughts and energy.

  3. >OMG I am praying for you tonight!!! My thoughts are for viability and strength for you to endure whatever happens. maria

  4. >Hi, over from LFCA. Thinking of you! Hoping for the best.

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