>tough times

>I had some bleeding last night and am really worried. I contacted my RE and am going in this afternoon for an ultrasound. TMI alert: I had a couple of gushes of bright red blood and some light spotting afterward. RE said that bleeding (even bright red) is somewhat common in early pregnancy, but that I should come in to make sure all is well. My cousin and a couple of my friends experienced the same thing early in their pregnancies and went on to have healthy, full-term babies. Trying not to freak out too much until there’s actual reason to.

I am also sick as a dog. Yesterday morning I woke up with a sore throat and my ears hurt. It got progressively worse over the course of the day. I’m somewhat better today, but stayed home from work.

Please send any spare sticky, no problems thoughts my way today.



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6 responses to “>tough times

  1. >oh no! you will be in my thoughts all day. sending you buckets of good vibes, luck, stickiness, and hopes all is well with your bean.

  2. >I’m thinking of you, and thinking sticky thoughts! Keep us updated.

  3. R

    >Sending you positive thoughts!!

  4. >I will be thinking of you today! This is really really scary, I had bleeding too. From weeks 7-9 and I am still here and prego 21 weeks in. It is the worst dread and worry after what we have all been thru to get to the BFP. Good luck and again I will be thinking of you!!!

  5. KM

    >I hope you are doing alright. I had bleeding at about that same time, and all turned out to be fine. I hope you are all doing ok. Sending sticky thoughts your way and lots of good vibes that you are feeling better soon.

  6. >You are in my thoughts Monti. That is so scary, I have many friends who had bleeding and have a healthy bundle(s) of joy. Loads of sticky only positive thoughts going your way.

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