>early pg

>Thanks for all of your feedback on my last post. TG, I agree with your post most definitely. I have decided to go off my meds completely for now (stopped on Friday), and should I feel the need to go back on later, I’ll go through a therapist instead of my regular doctor. I could definitely use some coping strategies in addition to (instead of?) meds. I think at least part of what I was experiencing was due to Lexapro withdrawal, so I’ll wait a couple of weeks and see if things improve. I’ve also been told that you have to go off during the third trimester, so I figured I might as well bite the bullet and go off now. I’ll also talk to my OB once I have one. I already feel a little relieved to have finally just made a decision!

I’m hoping to hear from my RE today on next steps. I assume the next thing will be the first u/s for a heartbeat, but I’d like to hear something from him. I haven’t talked to him since my transfer! I got my BFP and beta numbers from the coordinator. Maybe he’s out of town. Don’t they know we pregnant ladies are anxious about getting all our info??

This morning I had cereal and a small bowl of fruit for breakfast. I was still hungry afterwards (which is totally weird for me as I’m not a fan of eating in the morning) so now I’m snacking on Goldfish crackers. Haha!



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  1. >love the new format and ticker!! :Dmy RE schedules the first u/s for 7 weeks. can you call the coordinator to find out your next steps?

  2. >I’m with you on the snacking!My RE has our first ultrasound at 5 1/2 weeks (Thurs.), then weekly until 8 weeks (when my care with her ends). I know all REs are different. I’d definitely followup with their coordinator…can’t hurt!

  3. >glad you have come to a decision about the lexapro – I hope you do well without it. there are lots of books out there about how to relax, cope with stress, etc etc – of course we all have our own ways of doing it – I am sure you have stuff you do too. I have some at work but I can’t remember the titles just now -a lot of it is cognitive behavioral stuff and depends what you like doing. i have found that I ruminate while walking the dogs so I put on my ipod and listen to music and sometimes to stuff like hollosync or other meditation type music – apparently the frequencies are of a certain level that help you relax. take care:)

  4. KM

    >I am glad you were able to come to a decision that you feel good with. I hope that it goes smoothly for you… You may want to talk to your Psych doc to make sure that how you are going off the Lexapro is conducive to minimizing your symptoms. My issues are more related to depression, but I find visualization to be helpful. Call and ask to have your RE call you back if you are not comfortable because you haven’t heard from them. We didn’t see a whole lot of RE til we pushed the issue. Once we let him know what we needed from him communication was a lot better. As for the hunger and snacking… can I tell you how crazy the snacking urge is later 😉 Enjoy 🙂

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