>ADs and pregnancy

>I’d love some feedback from any of you on antidepressants. I am on Lexapro for anxiety. I tried going off of it while TTC as I didn’t want to be on it during my pregnancy. When I was off, I had trouble sleeping, had a lot of anxiety, and experienced stomach problems (which are common and stress-related for me when I’m not on ADs). I talked to my doctor (general practice, not an OB) and she advised me to stay on the Lexapro until I got pregnant and then discuss it with my OB. I did that. About a week ago, though, I cut my dose in half (doctor said this was okay if I wanted to try it). I am back to anxiety and sleeplessness and it worries me for my baby/ies. I don’t know which is worse for a developing baby – stress or drugs. Do any of you have any experience with this? I’d love to hear from you!



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  1. >Hmmm… I was told years ago that the only “safe” AD for pregnancy is Prozac. I have been on Lexapro and Celexa, which is similar, in the past and suffered from insomnia while on them, but much worse while weaning off. Have you tried Prozac before? I would ask your OB about this possibility, but would definitely continue weaning off the Lexapro…

  2. >Hi there…I found you through An Offering of Love. Congratulations on your pregnancy! You and I are almost at the same point…very exciting!I was on Zoloft for 5 years, and did go off of it early in 2008 before we started trying. I agree with Baby Mama – I’ve heard that Prozac (and Zoloft) is safe for pregnancy. I know Lexipro is a heavy-hitter.I continue to deal with anxiety, and am trying to find outlets – yoga, massage (when affordable!), walking, being with my animals…anything to relax. It sounds like you’re an old pro at all of this, so I hope you find a happy balance.

  3. >Hi – wow – it’s amazing how many of us take ADs and you would never know. I have taken them for way too long and weaned myself down to 20mg prozac in my preparation for TTC. I had been on every AD under the sun except lexapro. My psychiatrist told me that only zoloft and prozac are really safe in pregnancy and become less safe in the third trimester ( but you can still take them then) There is way more history with these drugs so it’s easier to study any side effects or damage they might do. the worst is restlessness sin the baby which may be increased by breastfeeding and maybe one more thing. You may be experiencing withdrawal – I mean along with the anxiety and depression some of the side effects of withdrawal are hard to deal with -as you know.I would really recommend going to see a psychiatrist who specializes in pre and post natal issues. You have nine months to go and you need to be feeling good for yourself and for your baby. There is a lot of research out there on the different types of drugs for you to google, but working closely with a psychiatrist would be my suggestion. there is no substitute for having someone who knows their stuff working with you on this – and helping you to tweak and figure out what works best and what are the costs and benefits. I think your doctor should have told you to go to a psychiatrist with this ages ago – OBGNs don’t know everything about this. Sorry – I don’t mean to be critical -but I feel pretty strongly about this and the need for expertise. i am going to shut up now before I get on my high horse. I feel for you – I know it was a big concern for me when we were getting ready to TTC – and you don’t want to be losing sleep and feeling sick.I think stress and drugs are both bad for a baby – but if you can find that you can take one of the safe drugs at least for the first two trimesters and wean down for the third that would be my advice. I am a little upset with your OBGYN and doctor for not taking this more seriously or referring you to a psychiatrist – but that’s just me being over protective. Please don’t take anything I said the wrong way. I work in the mental health field and have a rather jaded view!!!take care:)if you want to email me for more info – feel free.hugs! thinking of you and hoping you get some sleep!

  4. >I’ve been on Zoloft for years, and remained on it through my pregnancy — we took it down to 25 mg/day, which I think is the lowest available dose, and both the baby and I did fine. Because of worries about PPD, my doctor had a 50 mg scrip ready to go the day I delivered; that bump seemed to be enough to stave it off.

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