>Thanks to all of you for your kind comments on my last post. Special thanks to S for pointing people my way! Someone asked about where my fibroid was and how big it was. It was inside my uterus and was large (I want to say like 4 inches in diameter – my RE said it was as big as a newborn’s head). My myomectomy was basically like a C-section, so at least I kind of know what to expect since I’ll have to have one due to the surgery. It wasn’t bad. If you end up going the surgery route, you’ll find yourself back to feeling good quickly. I was healed up quite a bit and getting around great after about a week.

The nervousness has set in. I go in for my second beta tomorrow morning and I’m anxious about it. I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t go back to sleep stressing out about it. I keep wanting to feel more symptoms but realize that at 4 weeks, it’s totally normal not to feel much. I have had a bit of queasiness a few times in the last couple of days. I hate that you can’t just feel glad you got your BFP. First you have the next beta to worry about, then you have the first u/s to worry about, then making it to the second trimester, amnio, ugh, ugh, UGH! Oh, and I also found out that I have to continue the PIO shots through week 8 (if I’m fortunate enough to make it through the minefield). UGH!

I talked to my aunt yesterday about the pregnancy. She said my 11-year-old pseudo-niece overheard her telling my cousin, and that she went up to her later and said, “Granny, I don’t want M—- to be pregnant and have a baby. She’ll forget about me!” Aw! I’ll have to send her a card or something. I love that girl. What she doesn’t realize is that she is one of the reasons I really want to have a child. She is one of several kids in my life that make me think, “Hey, I want one of those!”



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2 responses to “>nervous

  1. >i’ve got everything crossed for you for a nicely doubled number tomorrow! can’t wait to hear how it goes!your “pseudo-niece” sounds like a sweetheart!

  2. >I’m rooting and wishin and hopin for you! What a cute story about your niece! I know – it’s all worry worry worry. I know this is trite, but try to take it one thing at a time – otherwise there’s just too much to worry about. KWIM? So sorry about the PIO PIA shots!!!I will be stalking the boards tomorrow!C:)

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