>reaction and more babyness

>We shared the news with the family and close friends who knew we were doing IVF this month. I think the cutest thing was my mom calling last night to congratulate DW (I had already spoken to her twice that day). Sweet!

Good friends of ours had their baby boy this morning at 7:30AM. He was a week and a half past his due date! I think he just wanted that 3/3 date. More baby news to celebrate!


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9 responses to “>reaction and more babyness

  1. s

    >Hi! Couldn’t resist posting a comment on your new blog! I think you get the award for fastest blog-to-pregnancy! :DLove the picture of your embryos, they are seriously perfect looking! Can’t wait to hear if they both stuck!

  2. >oops…that last post was from me, i entered the wrong info when commenting, sorry!

  3. >Oh hi – I found your blog -can’t believe I didn’t know you had one!!!!!yeah!!!!happy blogdom! I am adding you to my blog roll:)

  4. >oh yeah and the embies are beautiful!

  5. >CONGRATS!! Nice blog. I am glad to find some of the old baby center crowd blogging. Enjoy the ride ladies!

  6. >hey i came over from the link at ‘an offering of love’ …. congrats on your BFP !! i’m 37, blocked tube, a fibroid that is outside the uterus that the doc says doesn’t have to be removed, and onto my 7th IUI (first with injectables) …. do you mind me asking where your fibroid was located, and how big it was? i am semi-obsessed with whether or not i’ve made the right (non-surgery for now) decision …. anyway, CONGRATS and welcome to blogland.

  7. >Congrats on the bfp.

  8. >Congratulations of the BFP!!!

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